The best Christmas ad on Irish TV

Eir Xmas 2015 2

One of the most wonderful things about visiting Ireland in late November or early December is the non-stop rotation of Christmas adverts on TV.  (Assuming you like that sort of thing, and I definitely do.)

I don’t say this in a self-loathing American way, but am I the only one who finds the ads here warmer and less crass and jangly than many of the Christmas ads in the States?  To me, most of the ads I see in the US seem to consist of either 1. “Buy this car!” or 2. “Buy this watch!” or 3. “Eat this cookie!”

While I’ve been in Dublin, there’s at least 10 Christmassy TV ads that have caught my eye (including this one for Dunnes Stores, this one for Spar, and this sweet one for An Post), but this one in particular from Eir (the rebranded Eircom telecomm company) has completely blown me away:

First, you have that unforgettable music (titled Fionnghuala), and in rapid succession a wonderful mix of images of a modern and traditional Ireland, side-by-side, overlapping and interwoven.  From the tattooed woman going for a Christmas dip in the winter sea, to the guy in the kitchen swiping a doughy finger smear across his iPad screen as he bakes some foodie delicacy (or is it just mince pies?), the toasty warm feet of a woman surfing the web on her laptop in front of a (turf?) fire, a suburban Mom tucking in her child, two young women on a hill with cel phone held high (no doubt YouTubing to their audience), and another woman crossing her minimalist sitting room in her modern, glass-fronted home – each of these briefest vignettes suggest a country that is young, contemporary, tech-savvy and with bloodlines to an ancient culture and traditions.

The first time I heard the hypnotic music, I stopped in my tracks and thought it must be Anuna, but it’s actually Symphonic, featuring Inis.



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