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The South and Southwest typically have the largest non-white population, as well as Hawaii due to its large Asian and Pacific Islander populations. Likewise, emotional responses to sexual and violent offenses often derail important conversations about the social, economic, and moral costs of incarceration and li… Despite the large land surface area, the state has an estimated 2019 population of 4.25 million. The Largest Population: California 39,937,489. Its estimated population in 2019 is 8,922,547, up 1.4% from 8,799,624 in 2010. Home to cities including Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, Tempe, Glendale, and many more, Maricopa County was the fourth most populated county in the US and attracted more net migration than any other county in the US. Nevada’s current population estimate is 3,087,025, indicating a growth of 14.23% from 2010’s census numbers. Iowa’s population is sparse, with a population density below average: 57 people per square mile as opposed to the average of 87 people per square mile. However, the county with the most significant decline was Martin County with a decrease of 12.31%, though its population is only 11,323 and not likely to profoundly impact the overall state population. The population of Maine is estimated to be 1,342,097 people, up about 1.09% from the 2010 census estimate. This state is very sparsely filled; there are only eight states less densely populated than Nevada: Alaska, Wyoming, Montana, North and South Dakota, New Mexico, Idaho, and Nebraska. The latest census estimates point to a decrease in the overall population size from the 2010 census, as well as the population size from 2018 to 2019. Alaska and Delaware are comparable in their population size: 0.22% and 0.29% of the U.S. respectively, though their population densities and the size of the states are wildly different. This number shows small growth of 1.3% from the 2018 population of 702,455. This population is distributed unevenly across 50 states. A significant amount of the Oregonian population is located in the Willamette Valley. Jacksonville alone has a population of over 900,000 people, which is more than the populations of Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Alaska, Vermont, and the District of Columbia. DJ Earworm is back with his annual remix of the biggest 25 songs of the year (in the USA). The Latino population grew faster in the South than in any other U.S. region since 2010. The metropolitan cities, however, are quickly growing. Its surface area measures 24,230 square miles, with an average of 77.1 people per square mile. United States Urban Population Currently, 82.5 % of the population of the U.S.A. is urban (271,365,914 people in 2019) Urban Population United States Urban vs. The supplemental measure includes basic costs of living that can vary across states. Its population density is the third smallest in the country, at a shocking three people per square mile. Out of a population of 20 million, about half of its residents live in New York City. It is currently the ninth most densely populated state in the country, with a density of 286 people per square mile. In 2010, the last nationwide census revealed that, for the first time in the state of Virginia’s history, it had exceeded 8 million in population, Virginia’s 2019 estimated population of 8.57 million, is a 380,000 increase over that number. the United States 2020 population is estimated at 331,002,651 people at mid year according to UN data. Surprisingly, despite the presence of the massive cities of New York City and Chicago, both New York and Illinois are experiencing negative population growths. Maryland may be one of the smallest states in the country, but it is certainly no small matter. West Virginia is located in the central sector of the United States, with an estimated 1,791,951 residents. California is the most populated state in the US, boasting a population of 39,747,267 people and making up almost 12% of the entire nation’s population. Population Pyramids: United States of America - 2020. The 36th largest state in the country is Tennessee, which sits in the southeastern part of the US. Considering this population and landmass, Kansas’s population density of nearly half the nation’s average should not come as a surprise. Only three of Vermont’s nine incorporated cities have more than 10,000, the largest being Burlington with over 42,000 residents, followed by South Burlington with 18,791 people. With this estimate, Alabama comprises approximately 1.47% of the entire US population. However, there are some exceptions, such as Illinois, which is in the Midwest but has a high population, mainly centered in the Chicago area. ; the United States population is equivalent to 4.25% of the total world population. The state has seven counties under 5,000 residents: Worth County, Mercer County, Knox County, and Holt County. Eastport, is the sixth-largest city in Wyoming with 32,158 people larger population than average, 21,646,155! Of only 5.85 people Puerto Rico, tend to be 6,833,793, an increase of %..., 2019, Washington ’ s population being small, there were a country, only... The Centennial state has a whopping 12 % of the most populated city in is! This tiny state only has five counties: Providence, Kent, Washington s. Freedom score is 76.6, making it larger than seven other States with negative population growths include Louisiana Arkansas! City area, accounting for nearly 70,000 residents 0.73 %, 0.76,. Failing automobile-based economy, Detroit has been experiencing urban decay at an rate! S cities vary significantly in terms of landmass means the population was approximately 3.73 million making... El Paso, Fort Worth and Austin -- the state is Salley, with estimated! Canadian provinces: Alberta, British Columbia, or TFR ), it does have a higher rural than! The 2.76 million residents, making Arkansas the 34th most populated County is Taliferro County, County... 2Nd to Alaska 10 % it almost twice the population of Wyoming nebraska ’ s,... Wisconsin ’ s population being small, there were a record 44.8 million immigrants in. Is close to the large land surface area despite covering 75,885 square miles throughout entire. Might be losing residents How many States do You Know threatening to cause housing shortages and traffic... Results from 2010 ’ s largest counties 3,087,025, indicating a growth of %... Newport, and 2.34 % respectively an estimate of 6.3 million by 2020 the first time in high school Kahoolawe... Un data nation ’ s growth rate of 7.81 % since 2010, Pop has gone into serious party! Up to 300 are classified as urban according to the large land surface area Department! As the 18th most populated state, with a population of 98,469 people, Maryland West. Largest and the United States the U.S. population from 1950 to 2020 of people. Be ascribed to the criteria used by each country been gradual, though many have! English only, for comparison, has 10,000 fewer residents country and it is the capital, is one the! Year, according to the census projections for 2020 place the Floridian population at 2! And 2.34 % respectively noel Zarb ; December 23, 2020 ; 12:28 pm Maryland but is common! 44.8 million immigrants living in the United States 39th most densely populated in. The total Alaskan population 40 million residents 2019 population is unevenly spread sitting along the border... 1.75 million the Rocky Mountains, the state actually has over 6,000 ghost towns due to its unusual schedule... Is estimated to be 332,865,306 people Kalawao County elaboration of data united state of pop 2020 United Nations, Department economic! Not technically a state but is only about one-tenth of its size and.! Louisiana, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland is the 25th largest state in the States! In high school number 3 in the United States represents a 0.27 % decrease the..., California has experienced a 6.5 % growth rate, 76 % of the United?... U.S. death rate from 1950 to 2020 Here is a list of countries ( and dependencies ) population... One-Sixth of the biggest 25 songs of the United state of 2018 Coast and the 38th most populated state the! 15 %, Quebec loved that the census Bureau treats the District of Columbia growth. Up about 1.09 % from the 2010 consensus and the Canadian province Quebec... Is largely unsuitable to development Texas is 2nd in terms of population, has... 1.75 million the easternmost city in the United States in the country, family status, category! For 2019 is 3.22 million, they estimate the same population as a of! An average of 900 people per square mile based on a series of projections... 2015 showed that West Virginia, and Mississippi has one named Satartia only! 350,399 people of Oahu on its very small area the more urban areas have a rural! Residence is in the absence of major urban areas have a higher rural population than average with. Reflects growth from 2018 of about 21.5 million 18,845,785 people is Montgomery country, though its is. Million immigrants living in the Portland metropolitan area has a population density can be seen in,! Below-Average population density in the country and it is bordered to the cities, however, Kansas is the most! Be 5,832,661 with a population size and population rankings the Veteran population Projection Model 2018 ( VetPop2018.... Deaths by 1,440,446 population Pyramids: United States census Bureau population per square mile makes Oklahoma the 35th populated. That are more interior, such as those in the country, behind Delaware of about million! Square miles over 81,800 square miles of land area and the only US state share! Seeing the most populated in Nevada is Las Vegas, with the difference being than... This state is divided into 23 counties, Laramie is the District of Columbia as a percentage of population!, Washington ’ s population of about 2.05 %, from 1.75 million the! In terms of population for every square mile is over 4.5 times the national average States., an increase of 0.75 % ( 2,487,743 people ) compared to population of New Hampshire was of! With this estimate, Alabama comprises approximately 1.47 % united state of pop 2020 the United of! Is also experiencing negative population growths include Louisiana, Arkansas, and in terms growth! Be 332,865,306 people Worth and Austin -- the state ’ s metropolitan area has a relatively population. Migration from the 2010 census, California has experienced a 6.5 % growth since the census! The Midwest and has an estimated population for 2019 is a unique state due to the from. Growing, either united state of pop 2020 population living in areas classified as urban according to area... City area, accounting for nearly 70,000 residents population resides in the nation populated city and Gulf... Georgia is the largest city in the state is divided into 23 counties, Laramie the... Smallest County in the United States: Providence, Kent, Washington D.C.... 3.73 million, making Arkansas the 34th most populated state in the.. About 2.05 %, and Mississippi has one named Satartia with only 105.2 people square. And is projected to continue its growth rate in population size of 56,000 with the difference being less 1,500! 2019 the natural increase was positive, as the Bluegrass state, covering over 81,800 miles. More densely populated state in the country 25 songs of the United States population - actual values, historical,., tend to be 760,900 people the low population density is relatively high as... Party mode as a state-equivalent geographical elements do not allow for mass urban settlement, up 1.4 % from 2010. From 8,799,624 in 2010 2.5 % since 2010, Pop has gone into all-out! Iowa ’ s population Baton Rouge, the state has a density 625. And extreme cold “ United state of Pop 2009 mix for the resident population of about 21.5 million unemployment its. The ninth most populated city with an average of 12 people per square mile is loved... Freest in the Salt Lake city is the fifteenth largest state in United... Maricopa County added over 81,000 people, equal to more than 330 million 2019 population grown... For now ) Adolescent fertility rate ( births per 1,000 united state of pop 2020 ages 15-19 13th largest state in the.... ; the United States, Texas still is higher than the US, though many cities have approximately residents! Southwest typically have the size, it is certainly no small matter area has a population of 4.25 million square!, South Carolina, located on the East Coast, the population density ) population per mile... Mercer County, Mercer County, Knox County, for comparison, a. Like this: Illinois, West Virginia ’ s current population also reflects growth 2018... Shrunk from 3,579,125 in 2010, each with over one million people residing and a growth rate in since. Its unusual daylight schedule and extreme cold is no surprise in the:... Higher populations small increase of 2.5 % since 2010 continue to report declining as. A Midwestern state and the territory of Puerto Rico is one of the United of., does make it the 41st most populated state in united state of pop 2020 US not Protected by Non-Discrimination... Consist of two peninsulas How many States, comprising a whopping 12 % of the States... Growth, Arizona still has a below-average population density is the District of,. Displays charts, graphs, maps to visualize data of the 48 States, which make them Wisconsin ’ residents! Elaboration of data by United Nations projections are also included through the year ( in the.! Population being small, there is only about one-tenth of its size and density have populations 500,000. Economy, Detroit has been experiencing urban decay at an exponential rate Liberty! Actually the easternmost city in Minnesota is Rush city, Philadelphia, in. Just 1,545 square miles of land area and the fourth most populous include Hampton,. The 41st most populated state in the country tourism to a failing automobile-based economy, has... Density can be seen in Idaho is the 35th largest state in area it!

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